Make a Statement

Jewelry that brings together poetry, mythology, symbolism and a love of storytelling.

Be bold and wear pieces with unique identities that reflect what makes you different.

20 years in, Laura Cantu remains a benchmark in mexican jewelry

Wearable Art

Daring concepts and uniquely assembled pieces, put together with a mix of artisanal and modern manufacturing. Laura Cantú blends her inspiration on nature, astrology and symbols to create stylish, ready to wear pieces of art.

New Luxury

Redefining fine jewelry, merging classic and timeless styles; Laura finds new ways to translate what it means to wear your style better than anyone!

Materials Matter

Our fierce and detailed selection of materials and elements, accentuate the quality and durability of our pieces. Drawn from the earth, they take their final form in jewelry that will stay with you and express your awesome taste.

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Spotted on Rihanna in the Vogue UK Magazine Cover

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